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Model: PF-67650
Realizacja zamówienia: 2-21 dni
Producent: Proform

Profesjonalna waga do ustawiania zawieszeń samochodów sportowych firmy Proform

PROFORM Corner Weighting Scale Kit. The latest scale innovation delivers all the features you want for setting up your race car: Wired LCD Display, the individual scale pads are 14.5' x 9.5'' x 2.5''. LCD display features Cross weight, Side/Side weight, and Front/Rear weight in addition to the standard weight and percentage for each wheel and total vehicle weight. The individual scale pads have a 568kg capacity per pad for a total scale capacity of 2272kg. Scale is accurate to 1/10 of 1% (0.1%). Scale pads are made from heavy duty aluminium. The cables are 12ft in length. Complete with durable nylon carrying case, and AA batteries included.

Total package weight once in bag is only 20kg.